We had our guy Ro back on the show to talk about deconstructing and how he says his life got better after he leaned into what he truly believed despite what it would cost and who wouldn't be able to accept it. 

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In this new episode, Corey talks with DEI professional, author, and fashion editor Danielle Prescod about whether or not some performative acts of anti-racism can be helpful in creating more spaces of belonging.

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On this episode of the show, Corey caught up with old friend Nicole Serrano who is a recording artist, songwriter, and musician who wrote a song about their own story of coming out as queer from the Christian music scene. Nicole's honesty and vulnerability are life-giving and moving. Enjoy!


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In this episode, Corey has a conversation with Carlos Rodriguez about his journey to creating Happy Givers, the clothing and social justice NGO he created after a career in full-time evangelical ministry. 

This deconstruction conversation is one you don't want to miss!


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On Twitter: @CarlosHappyNPO

Happy Givers web: https://thehappygivers.com

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This conversation Corey had with Dr. Janice Gassam Assare was so good we decided to release it as a bonus episode! Dr. J is an incredible DEI practitioner, author, speaker, and leader. Whether you're the boss or you have one, you need to hear this!


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On Insta: @janicejnice  

Listen to her podcast: The Dirty Diversity Podcast

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In this episode, Corey explains what he means when he says "contending for a better world."

In this new episode, Corey talks to Dante Stewart author of "Shoutin In the Fire." They discuss Dante's book, Black rage, spirituality, and how Black authors and culture can reveal the Divine in ways we might not have imagined.

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On Twitter and Insta: @stewartdantec

The book: https://www.penguinrandomhouse.com/books/672938/shoutin-in-the-fire-by-dante-stewart/

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In this episode, Corey talks to artist, activist, and author Propaganda about all the things the hood can teach us about life and spirituality. 

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On the web: https://www.prophiphop.com

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In this episode, Corey talks to Lettie Gore about the power of history and how we can engage in the sacred work of writing better stories in the present. 

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In this episode, Corey and Jo Luehmann discuss how to have a liberated spirituality and what happens when empires fall. 


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